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Teaching Experience

“The role of the professor is developing students, and that’s what I’ve enjoyed most in my career. It’s very rewarding to use my knowledge and my experience to help people develop their aspirations and professional dreams.”


- Panos Kouvelis

Olin Business School
Washington University in St. Louis

July, 1996 to Present


Courses taught:


OMM 5700

Operations Management (MBA, core)

OMM 558

Advanced Operations Strategy (MBA, elective)


MGT 558

Managing the Innovation Process


SCOT 531

Supply Chain Finance

SCOT 530

Supply Chain Analytics Capstone


OMM 500C

Managing Global Business Process Outsourcing

OMM 500E

Supply Chain Risk Management


MGT 500G

E-Inventing Business Processes


MGT 500I

Managing Technological Innovation and Growth


MGT 500J

Transforming Business Through Information Technology


OMM 500B

Information Technology and Supply Chain Management


FIN 550

Numerical Methods and Optimization in Finance


OMM 656

Managing Flexibility and Risk in Global Supply Chains (doctoral course)

OMM 660

Analytical Models in Operations Strategy and Technology Management

(doctoral course)

SCOT 653

Stochastic Models for Production and Service Systems (doctoral course)

SCOT 654

Inventory & Supply Chain Mgmt Theory & Research (doctoral course)

Translating Research to Management Practice




Executive Education:


Teaches Operations and Manufacturing Strategy, Global Supply Chain Management,   International Operations, Managing the Innovation Process, Managing Disruptive Business Models, Strategic Management of Information Technology, and Business-to-Business E-commerce for the EMBA program and the joint Fudan-Olin at Shanghai, China, EMBA program.


Teaches in customized programs for companies on topics such as: Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Strategy, Managing Innovation, and Lean Manufacturing.



SCOT 746

Global Supply Chain

SCOT 756

Managing Operations

OMM 850

Introduction to Manufacturing Management


OMM 857

Manufacturing and Operations Strategy


OMM 759A

International Operations



Strategic Management of Information Technology


OMM 859

Supply Chain Management


MGT 804

Business-to-Business E-Commerce


HSM 919D

Introduction to E-Commerce


MGT 750

Managing the Innovation Process


MGT 740
Opportunities and Challenges of the Global Economy



Developed an Online Executive Education Course on “Global Supply Chain Management”

(sold by Learning Insights)




Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

January, 1992 to June, 1996


Courses taught:


BA 370

Operations Management (MBA, core)


BA 471

Manufacturing Strategy (MBA, elective)


BA 475

International Operations Management
(MBA, elective)


BA 572

Seminar in Operational and Technological Tactics (Doctoral seminar)



Executive Education:


Fuqua Program for Manager Development in St. Petersburg, Russia (taught in two-week programs on Manufacturing Strategy and Global Operations)





Management Department, Graduate School of Business
University of Texas at Austin

September, 1988 to December, 1991


Courses taught:


BA 380N

Operations Management (MBA, core)


MAN 386.7

Manufacturing Strategy (MBA, elective)


MAN 386.21

Current Issues in International Management (MBA, elective)


MAN 386.8

Design of Operational Systems

(Doctoral seminar)


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