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2003, 2007,

2008, 2009,

2011 & 2012












1998 and 2000











1996 and 1999



Fall, 1995



























Distinguished MSOM Fellow Award
Highest honor that can be bestowed upon a research scholar in the field of operations management.  Rare distinction, akin to a lifetime achievement award, recognizes outstanding scholarship and research accomplishments throughout one’s career.

Fellow of POMS Award

Lifetime achievement award for contributions in the field of operations management, awarded by the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)

Appointment to Advisory Committee of US Department of Commerce on Supply Chain Competitiveness (and Second Term Reappointment) One of two academic leaders on the committee, with 40 other private sector representatives. Recently reappointed to a second term.


Appointed to St. Louis Regional Chamber Multimodal Logistics Forum. Serves as subject expert.


EMBA Reid Teaching Award

Olin Business School, Washington University

Best Teacher of the Program, graduating EMBA Classes of 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and

2012 as voted by the EMBA students


M&O Classes I, II, III and V Teaching Awards

Best Teacher of the M&O Program award, graduating M&O classes of 1998, 1999, 2000, and

2002 as voted by the executive students


Best Research Paper Award

IIE Transactions on Operations Engineering

Awarded by the Institute of Industrial Engineers for the best research paper in the Institute’s

flagship publication of IIE Transactions


MBA Reid Teaching Awards

Olin Business School, Washington University

Best Teacher of the Year, graduating MBA Classes of 1998 and 2000, as voted by the MBA



M&SOM Meritorious Service Award

Awarded by the Editor of M&SOM for exceptional reviewing services


Certificate of Service Excellence Award of IIE Transactions

Institute of Industrial Engineers for service to their flagship journal


Meritorious Service Award of Operations Research

Given by the Editor of Operations Research journal for exceptional reviewing services


Teaching Award, Fuqua School of Business

Given by the MBA Student Association at Duke for outstanding teaching performance


Top 10 Research Ranking

Ranked as the 7th most productive researcher of Production and Operations Management in U.S.

business schools from 1989–1993*

        * Young, et al. 1996, “POM Research Productivity in U.S. Business Schools,” 14(1), 14–53

Listed among the 15 most highly cited (h-index) POM scholars

         * B. Jiang, 2008 “How to do research: advice from stellar scholars in POM field,” in JOM


Nominated for CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors

Management Department, Graduate School of Business, UT, Austin


IBM Graduate Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award for Manufacturing Research

Nominated by the Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Department at Stanford

university and the Stanford Institute for Manufacturing and Automation (SIMA)


Best Graduate Student Award from the Industrial Engineering Department, Stanford

Awarded upon graduation by Stanford University for outstanding performance at the graduate



Business School Dean Award

Awarded by the University of Southern California for outstanding graduate performance in the

dual master’s degree program


Thomaides Award for Exceptional Undergraduate Student

Awarded by the National Technical University of Athens, and Technical Chamber of Greece

award for graduating first among 120 students in the Mechanical Engineering Department

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