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"Oh soul, fear things grandiose,
And if you are unable to master your ambitions,
serve them with hesitation, with precaution.
And the farther you advance,
the more you must be questioning and careful."
~ Constantine P. Cavafy
The Ides of March
Panos Kouvelis


Dr. Panos Kouvelis is the Emerson Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology at Washington University in St. Louis.  He is also the Director of The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation, a supply chain management research center operating within Washington University's Olin Business School.



Browse a collection of Professor Kouvelis' published books and articles.

"Supply chain management is all about dealing with complexity and risks. At a broad level three different approaches work well: eliminating unnecessary complexity and preventable risks; restructuring or reducing remaining complexity and risks for increased profitability and market responsiveness; and finally, mitigating remaining complexity and risks through the right combination of operational and financial hedges."


~ Panos Kouvelis



The Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation (BCSCI) at Washington University in St. Louis is a world-class research center in global supply chain management, supply chain finance & risk management, and operational excellence.  Well regarded for its thought leadership in supply chain management, technology-driven innovation, and process optimization, BCSCI creates and disseminates knowledge on cutting-edge supply chain and operational excellence practices.  

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